Use Care When Decorating Your Roof For Christmas

rooftop Christmas decorations

As you start hanging your Christmas decorations, be careful when it comes to adding them on your roof. While they may look wonderful, you do run the risk of roof damage. If you insist on them, here are a few simple tips to save you some trouble later:

  1. Test everything BEFORE you put them on the roof.

    This may not prevent issues arising later, but it will lessen the chance you’ll need to climb on the roof more than once.

  2. Be safe on those ladders

    As with DIY maintenance, ladder use is one of the main causes of injury when working on a roof. Start by making sure the ladder is the right length, that it is firmly planted on level ground and won’t slip, and it is braced against something when leaning it against the building.

    When on the ladder working or climbing up or down, have someone holding the ladder and take your time.

  1. Walk on the roof surface as little as possible.

    Each step has the potential to damage the roof surface, especially asphalt shingles. Each step could also result in a fall. Loose granules, debris, and moss all increase the likelihood of a fall. Lastly, unless you have had regular roof inspections, it is possible to step on a ‘soft spot’ which could give way under your weight.

  2. Avoid using staples or nails

    Everything must be secured but remember not to create holes or potential access points for water. We recommend commercially available clips and hangers designed for use under eaves or from gutters for hanging lights. For decorations designed to be used on roofs, consider running rope or paracord to anchor points on the ground or use a close tree. Use care to avoid using vent tubes or even your chimney.

  3. Hire a professional.

    While lights and rooftop decorations may be beautiful to look at, it really isn’t much fun installing them. With the added risk of falls or roof damage, it might be worth the cost to hire someone to get the job done while you enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

While we do not install Christmas decorations, we will happily repair any damage from incorrect installation.

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