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Roof Warranties: Why You Need to Read the Fine Print

When it comes to cleaning a roof or performing repairs, we’re often asked how what we do will affect roof warranties. As it turns out, there isn’t a simple answer.   Understanding the Warranties Warranties are guarantees against either defect in materials, installation or both. They warranty is designed to provide protection from premature failure […]

Drones Are Not A Substitute For “Walking The Roof”

There has been a growing trend toward the use of drones in construction and roofing, including in use for roof inspections. There is an advantage to using drones – mainly from a safety standpoint, but they have their limits and should not be a substitution for a physical inspection. Drones can provide a good visual […]

Why You Need to Skip (or Ditch) Those Gutter Guards

Gutters play a vital role in protecting your roof. Without them, or when they are clogged, water will damage fascia boards over time and can get back up under shingles. Beyond your roof, proper water drainage is important to protect the rest of your home: The soil around the house is stabilized Foundation problems can […]

Use Care When Decorating Your Roof For Christmas

As you start hanging your Christmas decorations, be careful when it comes to adding them on your roof. While they may look wonderful, you do run the risk of roof damage. If you insist on them, here are a few simple tips to save you some trouble later: Test everything BEFORE you put them on […]

Your Roof – How Long Should it Last?

It’s a typical question we get, though it’s not one we can easily answer. How long your roof will last is dependent on a number of factors. Roofing Materials The biggest factor to the longevity of your roof starts with the type of material used. Composite shingles – The most common roofing material, asphalt or […]

4 Ways Trees Could Damage Your Roof

According to the (WFPA) Washington Forest Protection Association, our forests are home to about 25 native tree species. They provide for some spectacular scenery, great places to hike and explore, homes for wildlife, and plenty of firewood to keep us warm during the winter months. However, while they also provide the raw materials to build […]

Cleaning Your Roof By Yourself is a Bad Idea

Being a homeowner carries a bit of pride. Tackling cleaning, maintenance or repairs without needing to reach for the phone every time something arises is empowering. It provides a sense of accomplishment. However, knowing what you should do on your own and what your limits are is important. You can do more harm than good. […]

Protecting Your Investment: 5 Roof Cleaning Myths

Roofs, like every other part of your home, need routine maintenance. Regular inspections will allow you to catch possible issues while they can be more easily repaired. Cleaning will increase the life expectancy of your roof. Debris, stains, moss, and lichen do more than detract from the appearance and value of your home. They can create […]