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Why a Case of the Blues is a Good Thing for Your Roof

An example of the components of an effective blue roof, Photo Credit: Philadelphia Water.   When we think about roofs, one goal is to drain the water from them as quickly as possible.  Standing water adds weight, which can weaken roof structure over time,especially on flat roofs. ‘Pooling’ leads to a deterioration in the roofing […]

Solar Tubes or Skylights: Which is the Better Choice?

When it comes to maximizing the amount of natural light in our homes….something precious here in the Pacific Northwest….skylights seem the obvious choice. But they come with a price – the cost to install them and with plenty of negatives from their energy inefficiency to the potential leaks. For many, they simply don’t provide enough […]

The Snowy Owl on a Queen Anne Rooftop

Since the end of November, a snowy owl has been spending time on rooftops in the Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. For those who are wondering, a snowy owl is not normally seen this far south and roofs are not it’s normal choice for a home.   A bit about the snowy owl  The snowy owl […]

Why Roofs Are Pitched and Their Need for Maintenance

Have you noticed that there are few flat roofs on homes in the Pacific Northwest? There is a reason that goes beyond how they look.    The reason roofs are pitched?  Water.  Though the slope of roofs vary, its purpose doesn’t. That purpose is to ensure proper drainage of water.   In areas like he Pacific […]

How Wind Damages Roofs And How You Can Prevent It

Rain tends to worry many home and business owners when it comes to their roofs. Yet rain doesn’t actively damage roofs. The rain itself doesn’t directly cause damage. You aren’t likely to end up with damage caused by rain with a properly installed and maintained roof (and gutters).  Moisture intrusion occurs when water finds access […]