Dan Koesterman, Owner

After years in the restaurant and casino industry, Dan wanted a more predictable schedule. He went to work for a friend and learned the business, starting Rooftop Services, LLC in 1989.

Master Lic # 601 987 440

Job percentages

Roof maintenance
Roof repairs
Pressure washing decks and patios
Gutter cleaning
Dan Koesterman of Rooftop Services, LLC on a tile roof performing repairs

Maintaining the roof which protects you, your family, and your possessions is our primary concern.

The Pacific Northwest is an amazing place to live, yet comes with a few challenges for homeowners and roof maintenance.

Our climate is the perfect environment for the growth of moss, algae and unsightly mildew on roofs. The abundance of trees leads to debris on roofs and in gutters. Our weather, with heavy winds and rains during the winter months, creates numerous opportunities for damage.

Rooftop Services, LLC specializes in the cleaning, repair, and maintenance of your roof, gutters, and chimneys. We offer free roof inspections and written estimates so you know what issues (if any) exist and what it will take to correct them. We provide roof certifications for home sales or insurance requirements.

Dan Koesterman – Owner / Operator